Do you do commissions?

I am currently not taking any commissions.

Are your paintings framed?

All of my oil on canvas paintings are unframed. They have extra thick sides with painted edges and can be hung as they are on the wall. 

What paints do you use?

I mostly paint with Art Spectrum Artists' Oil Colours which are made in Australia - I think their colours are stunning! 

What brushes do you prefer?

My favourite brush is a short flat hog hair brush that I buy directly from Rosemary and Co Brush company in the UK.

Why do you use red for your underpainting?

Underpainting in red has lots of purposes; first, it helps me to establish the composition and make sure it works tonally, second, the underlying colour tends to glow through all the subsequent layers of paint, third, the red peeks out in spots all over the canvas where the other paint colours don't cover it, giving uniformity to the work. And finally, just because I like red :)