On show until December 24 2017

Across the Road and Around the Corner

A solo exhibition of new paintings

Linton & Kay's Mandoon Estate Gallery in Caversham, Western Australia

View the exhibition online here

"My work is concerned with community, conversation, seasonality and changes in light as the year progresses. Right now, the flowers and objects I paint reflect my life in my regional community. The objects I paint are collected from my daily surroundings. Some of the cuttings are taken from our garden, and others are taken from obliging roadside trees or collected during a sanctioned raid on a friend’s garden. All are foraged in some way and ultimately gathered and brought back to my home for arranging and painting. Connected to these experiences are the conversations and sharing that take place with neighbours and friends. There is significance in both the seasonality of the fruit and flowers and the changing light that falls across the single cupboard where I style my arrangements."